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Do you want to cut
straight to the results?

We are The IGNITE Coach School and results are our specialty.

The IGNITE Coach School is a unique certification program that helps you become a mindset coach and learn how to create lasting results for you, your clients or your team.


At the IGNITE Coach School
we believe our results are directly tied to our mindset.

But we don’t believe mindset means positive thinking. Mindset is not inspiration. Mindset is not motivation.

So what is mindset? Mindset is deeply rooted beliefs & stories you hold. Changing deeply rooted beliefs is not done with inspiration or motivation alone.

You must learn to CREATE the right mindset for the right results. We believe mindset is attitude in action….every day.
Not something we work on every so often.

We are on a mission to train coaches like you on how to create the right mindset, the right attitude in action, so their clients achieve big results. We are on a mission for YOU to create more income for you to design a life you desire by being a coach.

We are ready for YOU to join the school and become that coach.

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Can you imagine doing something you love, helping people, and making money? If your monthly income doubled, what would that mean for you?


Let's see if we are a fit......

Is the school right for you?

The idea of starting a business or career as a mindset coach may be very new to you.

Or maybe it is not new at all and you think the coaching industry is saturated.

Regardless of what you think about being a coach....

We are here to tell you that there has never been a better time to start a part time or full time coaching business or to get hired as a coach.

Why? Because everyone needs a coach.

If you asked 10 people, right now, if they knew what a mindset coach was and if they had one, maybe, just maybe, 1 out of those 10 would say yes.

There is PLENTY of opportunity.

As long as people want to make more money, have better relationships, get fit, be healthy or just want to be happier........there is a major need for coaches.

You may be thinking, "Ok, that makes sense.

Until 10 out of 10 people have a coach, there is room for me, but do I have what it takes?"

That is where we come in.

If you are willing, we will help you become able.

You just need the right tools, training, support and practice and that is what the school is all about.

Which of these scenarios sounds like you:

You have a career

and have always wanted your own business to create more options for you and more impact on others.

You are a coach right now

and are struggling to get consistent results with all of your clients.

You are a business owner

and have not been able to grow your business or lead your team effectively.

You are a network marketing leader

and currently 90% or more of your team is not performing to standards.

You are an entrepreneur or CEO

who wants the coaches on your team to coach your clients consistently and effectively..

Or maybe you just want more... 

You ask yourself "What do I want to be? What do I want to do? What do I want to have?"

Wherever you currently are, we want you to know, becoming a certified mindset coach will be one of the best decisions you can make.

The possibilities are limitless with a certification like this.

How do we know? Because we are living these possibilities today.

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Allow me to introduce myself.....

Hi there, I'm Julie.

I am a Bostonian transplant in New York (yes, that can be fun!), but more importantly I am on a mission. A BIG mission. And it includes YOU.

More on where YOU come in in a moment. I spent 20 years in the Fortune 50 corporate world (that is not a typo, I was a marketing Vice President in one of the largest companies in the world). When I turned 40, making a half a million a year salary, beautiful home, amazing family, I felt that something was missing.

I felt GUILTY for even thinking I wanted more. I "should" have been grateful.

But I didn't want more stuff, what I wanted more of, was PURPOSE.

I followed that desire, left corporate and started my own coaching company. My mission? To help women design their lives on PURPOSE and not on SHOULDS.

I now serve clients and train coaches on a method to do just that.


Life by design.

Here is where I need YOU. We need more coaches in this world. Coaches we train to IGNITE the minds of their own clients to design a life of purpose AND get the results they want. I am on a mission to train, coach and certify 1000s of mindset coaches who can take this mission forward.

If YOU want more PURPOSE and want to help others, there is no better career than being a mindset coach.

Whether you help people get results in weight loss, finances, relationships, fitness, business, parenting, the IGNITE Coach School certification is the perfect place to start.

The foundation of what we teach in the School is that a new mindset means a new attitude.

And that this attitude must be practiced daily in action.


Because the secret is in who you are BEING

Most goal coaching is about creating a plan, and then having accountability and checkpoints to ensure the plan is met. But no real change is created and without a coach, you reset back. We teach you how to permanently "evolve" your clients to be the person who has the goal already achieved.

You will be taught a method to BECOME the person who has the results you want. Results that last.

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A paradigm is that collection of beliefs, thoughts, assumptions and stories that we think so habitually that we actually think them to be facts.

The paradigm, our programming, is what is in control. So we need to build a new paradigm, a new way of being to achieve our goals.

However, it is really important to become aware of what habitual thoughts, stories, assumptions and beliefs you have thought true all these decades.

That is why we use what we call..........

The Paradigm Power Tool!

The best tool we have found and use in our School is the Enneagram. If you are not familiar with the Enneagram, it is sort of like a personality test, but we use it to see what our past habitual thinking and programming has been.

We slay the old paradigm with this incredible tool and then we build into the new paradigm leveraging it as well. It is INCREDIBLE. It has changed so much for our clients.

When you enroll in the IGNITE Coach School, you will get typed by an Enneagram specialist. You will be able to test drive this powerful mindset tool yourself. We will also share how you can use it with your clients as well.

When you enroll in The IGNITE Coach School, you will be joining nurses, doctors, teachers, corporate executives, managers, stay at home moms. empty nesters, network marketing leaders and more.

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What do they all have in common?

The desire for more.
The desire for purpose.
The desire for impact.
The desire for income.

"If you are ready to change your life, build wealth, and create a positive impact in this world, join the IGNITE Coach School. It is a decision your future self will thank you for making."

Marie, IGNITE Coach

 Let's go over what your year can look like inside The IGNITE Coach School

The 1st 6 months will be focused on your coaching certification. We will train you in a robust curriculum on being a coach, on our tools and methods as well as hands on practice.

After certification you get to choose if you want to learn how to build your own coaching business or learn how to integrate this into a team you lead or get hired as a coach.

The first 6 months, we focus on training you to be a coach


You will get to preview the entire curriculum by first being a client. You will go through the 9 client facing lessons during Orientation week. We will set you up with your own morning routine that you will eventually teach to clients.

Mindset Method:

You will be taught what mindset really is and why most have never learned how to actually change mindset for lasting results. This includes closing the gaps between where you or your clients are to where they want to be.

The Game Plan:

Most are without a plan.  Just as a football team would never take the field without a game plan, we should never go through life without one either. We will teach you the process of creating a game plan for life with your clients.

The NOW Goal:

Once you have a game plan, you need to understand how to work with your client to set a NOW goal. A NOW goal is the next big goal towards the game plan. This is a pivotal part of the process of becoming a coach. It is like the GPS coordinates for a big
roadtrip. Without a NOW goal, it is impossible to move forward to real results.

Being a Coach:

A coach needs to lead, guide and through asking questions, have the client get the breakthrough required. A coach doesn't tell clients what to do. The client already knows. They just need help getting to the answer. We also teach you how to lead sessions with clients. We help you navigate when to teach and when to coach,

The To Be List:

Once your client has a game plan and a NOW goal, it is important to work with them on who they need to BECOME. Most want to jump to "what do I need to do" to achieve the goal. But the "being doing the doing" is the first step. We show you how to lead a workshop with your client(s) on becoming who they need to be to achieve their goal.

The Genie Within:

We will teach you one of the lessons that you can use with your clients. We will teach you about the mind. The conscious, the subconscious and a formula to manage your mind to achieve the goals. We promise we teach you how to leverage this for your clients in a simple way that will change their life forever.

Thoughts & Feelings Tools:

The great news in being a coach is that you do not need to have all the answers. Your clients already do. They just don't know it. We will arm you with amazing tools to show this truth to your clients. Imagination, intuition, visualization, screenplays & scripts.

The Time Creation Method:

We will teach you how to change your client's
relationship with time forever. This is a critical skill. You will learn the Time Creation Method for the NOW goal. No more procrastination, perfectionism or blaming time, your clients will be taking action and getting results.

Doing it anyway:

Big goals mean growth, personal growth, and your client's current programming will rebel against this idea of change. You will to help them do what is needed anyway. The To Do List - We start with the being, but ACTION is required to achieve any goal. We will teach you how to work with clients on what actions they should be taking towards their NOW goal.

Money and Relationships:

No matter what your client's NOW goal is, money and relationships often come into play. We will teach you how to help them create more money and deepen meaningful relationships, but also how to navigate both when the result is not what they desire.

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We want you to feel confident serving clients. We also want your clients to get results and be served by an amazing coach.

In order to do this, there are some requirements to complete your certification:

✔︎ Complete all the lessons and tool trainings

✔︎ Attend practice coach sessions and be observed coaching

✔︎ Send video of you teaching on The Genie Within and one other topic of your choice

✔︎ Practice on clients - 20 hours by week 24

✔︎ Not required, but we would love to see you at our live graduation event.

During certification, you will pick one of the following tracks:

The $100K Coach Track -
 Access to trainings and support to create your own coaching business and make your first $100,000 as a coach.

The Integration Track - Access to trainings and support to integrate the mindset method program and coaching into your existing teams or to get hired as a coach by a company or entrepreneur.

Whichever path you choose, you will have access to both training programs. But we recommend you pick one to focus on to get the best results faster.

Let's explore the curriculum and approach for the two tracks so you have the information you need to start thinking about which track will be right for you.

Starting a business can be daunting. That is why we have an incredible business blueprint to reach your first $100K in your business. It is our 100K Business Blueprint. Think of it as a business plan on a page. And, you get access to this training and support after certification.

We teach you everything there is to know to start your coaching business, get clients, and get paid. 

Welcome to the most simple and profitable business you can start.

An inside look at the coaching tracks inside 

The IGNITE Coach School

The $100K Coach Track

Here is what we teach you:

The Start Up - 

We guide you on setting up your business structure, bank accounts and core technology stack to start up.

The Lead Up - 

Learning to create a strong niche, offer, pricing, and soft launch to your warm market is critical for early success. We show you how.

The Consult - 

Learning to create compelling consults so that your ideal client wants to jump on a Zoom with you is critical. We teach you how to love offering consults with prospective clients, how to run them in a way that is valuable to you & your prospective client, and how to close the consult to create a new client. THIS IS GOLD.

The Marketing - 

Two main reasons for marketing - 1.) your business needs new prospective client leads flowing continuously, 2.) you must nurture those leads into becoming clients. This is marketing. We keep it simple. We like to offer strategies that align to how you want to market. All strategies work, but we help you create a marketing plan that is right for you.

The Thought Leadership - 

When you become certified, you will have the most amazing tools to teach and coach your clients. But we want to teach you how to create your own thought leadership framework that you lead with in your marketing and delivery. 

The 100K Funnel - 

We teach you how to pull this all together to create a repeatable approach to book your first 10-20 clients. 10-20 clients to $100K

The Group Program - 

We teach you how to transition from 1:1 client work to group program or a hybrid of both so you can scale beyond the $100K level and streamline your time.

While the word "integration" may not sound sexy, it is so important to learn how to take the methods and tools you have been certified on and bring them into a team or new position you are taking on as a coach in another company.

The Integration Track

Here is what we teach you:

The Lessons - How to incorporate the lessons & tools with your team. You will be the leader and the guide through the lessons.

The Routine - How to get the team set up with a daily mindset routine.

The Coaching - How to implement a coaching element within your team and how to run the sessions, both 1:1 and group settings - especially to create consistency.

The Leadership - 
Understanding your role as leader, teacher, coach & mentor, and when to be each role.

The Intra-preneur - How to be an innovative, thought leader inside the company you are in.

The Systems - Learn how to manage clients for continuity, documentation and team sharing

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